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Congrats, Will!!!

Julian Vaughn, “Rock Steady”~

Congrats, Cindy!!! Love your new single, “Lifted”!!! Here’s the LynnJaZZ sneak peek…

“Fragile”, Drew Simpson~

Front Row, Center by Lynn

Saturday~January 19, 2013

Drew Simpson Event~Spaghettini, Seal Beach, CA

Headliner~Drew Simpson on electric & acoustic Guitar
Bassist~Aaron Mason
Drummer (Larry Carlton Band)~Gene Coye
Keyboardist~Tateng Katindig
Percussionist~Bryan Brock
Trumpeter~Chris Bautista
Vocalist~Jeff Robinson – Vocals
Vocalist~Pamella Elaine

Drew Simpson, the opener~And what a JaZZy night it was!!!


“Caught Up In The Rapture”, Rodney Taylor

“Winelight”, Rodney Taylor!!!

Front Row, Center by Lynn

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rodney Taylor Experience Event

Spaghettini, Seal Beach, CA

Saxophonist~Rodney Taylor

Drummer~Demetric Collins

Bassist~Keith Rouster

Guitarist~Darrell Crooks

Keyboardist~Eddie Miller

Keyboardist~Leonard Jarman Jr.