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Happy Sunday! Enjoy the LynnJaZZ Andre Delano narrative!

Front Row, Center by Lynn
Saturday, March 5, 2011
Andre Delano Event
Spaghettini, Seal Beach, CA

Saxophone and vocals~Andre Delano
Keyboards~Darrell Diaz
Guitar~Craig T. Cooper
Bassist~James Strong
Drums~Iajhi Hampden

When I arrived Andre was workin’ the venue, testing the table-to-table sound. What a sound check! The band was warmin’ up and sizzlin’ hot, hot, hot!!! They suddenly slipped into a chill vibe and the sway hit the floor.
Andre Delano~
“One, two, three. Sound keyboard should be louder.” Andre thwacked the vocals head on!
“Spaghettini, oh, the show ain’t started yet!” He laughed, then went straight back to vocals.
“One, two, how about this?! We’re gonna break it down right here! The bass player wants more guitar in his wedge. You got it? Cool.” Andre turned to keyboardist Darrell Diaz. “That sounds like the original sound!”
“It is!”
The sway captivated the room once again.
“Can you turn the keyboard down, especially the top keyboard? Is there any guitar in the front wedge? I got it. Thank you, Q.”

Lights up!
Vienna took the stage~
“Hello, hello! Good evening everyone! Thank you for coming. I’m Vienna, Music Director for KSBR. This artist I’m about to bring on stage has played with Christina Aguilera, Usher and more. He’s a phenomenal performer! He has the ability to make you feel like you are the only one in the room! You are in for a big treat tonight, especially the ladies! Please put your hands together for Andre Delano!”
Andre hit it and the vibe broke wide open! He blew it out! While James was busy ownin’ the corner pocket with his shades and carefully-cocked hat Darrell flipped the keys inside out on an amazing solo. Andre edged from center stage and tossed him a “Com’on!” Diaz just, plain did it to it on the funky opener!
“Can I take y’all back?”
Delano thwacked his sax into the comfort zone and carried everyone there with him! His trillin’ mania grabbed hold of center stage and took it home to mama!
“How y’all doin’? Welcome to the Andre Delano Show! This show is a milestone! It was sold out! Tonight I’m gonna take my time and let it flow. We’re gonna go back to the beginning. Well, not the very beginning. It goes something like this. You guys feelin’ alright? You know I just did this song at a church workshop? It’s a song Jonathan Butler and Wayman Tisdale wrote. It’s called “Fallin’ in Love With Jesus”.
Anonymous crowd member~
“Alright, take your time!”
“If you know the words, sing along! There’s another verse it goes like this.”
He held up the mic to encourage eager volunteer vocalists. “Sometimes you just gotta give credit where credit is due! Ah! I bet y’all know this! Put your hands together like this!”
Craig T. Cooper’s funkified guitar solo brought the house down!
“Did I mention, it’s gonna be a hot show tonight?!”
Andre took over from there on sultry sax.
Anonymous crowd member~
“I need two things, a napkin and water! You havin’ a good time? Yeah, I told you we’re gonna take our time.”
Crowd member~
“Happy birthday, Andre!”
“Thank you for remembering! A lot has happened since I’ve seen you guys! One thing for certain is change! So we keep our story going. The one thing that’s certain is love is certain. Speaking of love, I thought if I couldn’t speak, how I’d say I love you. It’s called “More Than Words Can Say”. So, if I couldn’t say a word to say I love you, I’d simply do this.”
Andre’s solo sax rocketed to the moon!
Anonymous crowd member~
“Play it!”
Another audience participant~
“Are you serious?”
Yet another~
“We love you too, Andre!”
One more~
“Alright, Andre! Alright, alright, take your time.”
Andre worked the ledge while ultra-cool cat James kept the thump bumpin’ in the corner pocket. Delano transformed into a trillin’ maniac center stage and the crowd went nuts. Darrell took over with a keyboard solo that twisted the crowd into a four-square knot! A triple wow for Darrell Diaz and his magic fingertips! Bassist Strong inched out of the corner pocket and showed us how a bass is supposed to be played. A Delano sax finale rounded the tune.
“Okay, can we have a party, y’all?! Y’all put your hands together like this! Show me how you do it!”
And the chair dancing began!
“Okay, okay, so what time is it, party time?! It is party time! Don’t tell me it’s party time when I’m ready to party and then you don’t party with me?! Is there a chair somewhere?” An audience member hoisted a chair over the stage rail. “You guys give it up for Charles. Some of you see the chair and you think it’s “The Da Da Song” and I need a female volunteer. Don’t be comin’ to my show thinking you can predict my show!” A volunteer took the stage. Andre turned to her. “I want you to pretend this is your wedding and you’re about to say ‘I do’. The “I Do” serenade complete with bent-knee moment began before an awestruck audience.
“Give it up for Beverley, y’all! Thank you guys, we got another set coming. I’m gonna get some water and stuff. I’ll be back in a second. I’m gonna be signing CDs.”

Thanks to Andre and his ‘JaZZy team’ fine artists. You did this one proud! © March 2011 Lynn M. Olson ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 responses

  1. Griselda Medina

    WOW!! What a review Lynn!!! Just makes me want to see Andre perform live that much more!!! One of these days it’ll happen! I love it when you said, “Darrell took over with a keyboard solo that twisted the crowd into a four-square knot!” My warped brain came up with an image….. LOL!!

    March 9, 2011 at 11:10 am

  2. Glad you enjoyed it…Hope you get to see him, what a performer!

    March 9, 2011 at 11:12 am

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