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A LynnJaZZ off-the-hook WOW x’s 3 via saxman Andre Delano!!!

Thanks, Andre! Talk about breathless! (more…)

Happy Sunday! Enjoy the LynnJaZZ Andre Delano narrative!

Front Row, Center by Lynn
Saturday, March 5, 2011
Andre Delano Event
Spaghettini, Seal Beach, CA

Saxophone and vocals~Andre Delano
Keyboards~Darrell Diaz
Guitar~Craig T. Cooper
Bassist~James Strong
Drums~Iajhi Hampden

When I arrived Andre was workin’ the venue, testing the table-to-table sound. What a sound check! The band was warmin’ up and sizzlin’ hot, hot, hot!!! They suddenly slipped into a chill vibe and the sway hit the floor.
Andre Delano~
“One, two, three. Sound keyboard should be louder.” Andre thwacked the vocals head on!
“Spaghettini, oh, the show ain’t started yet!” He laughed, then went straight back to vocals.
Delano~ (more…)

LynnJaZZ ‘Sneak Peek’~Andre Delano live!!! Stay tuned for more Saturday, March 12!!!

Enjoy and stay tuned for more next Saturday, March 12th~ (more…)

Marcus Anderson~thank you for sharing your incredible vibe~

Let’s start out with a little reggae~ (more…)

Congrats to Gregg Karukas, nominated for ‘Best Keyboardist’ at the 2011 Oasis Contemporary Jazz Awards~

Check out “Daylight”, a single by Greg Karukas~ (more…)

Up Next~Patrick Yandall will be on the Blake Aaron Radio Show 3-6 PM PST TODAY!!! Check out my exclusive quote~

Patrick says, “I’m looking forward to playing with Mr. Blake Aaron, another guitarist, and an amazing one too!
We will be breaking out some smooth jazz and some Charlie Parker together! When you are a solo artist in this biz, you don’t get to play very often with other artists of the same instrument.”

Thanks, Patrick! Can’t wait! Now it’s time to enjoy a snippet of your work here~ (more…)

Can I have a drumbeat?! Here’s my LynnJaZZ ‘Saturday Sneak Peek’~Marcus Anderson ‘live’!

Stay tuned for more footage, Saturday, March 5~

“LG, do yo thang! Com’on”~ (more…)